Handmade in Los Angeles,Ca. Eccentric Purse Brand Founded on Faith & Authenticity & inspired by Originality. All handbags have a inspirational positive  meaning. Limited Edition & Exclusively one of a kind! 
Embrace your individualism, and make your Mark!Eco Friendly!


Uncover a brand filled with imagination, purpose and creativity. VG was created to build confidence, bring support &  enrich all! A brand defined by Vitality, Creativity & Resistance.  I create  for those inclined to an eccentric style, who feel different from the rest, and recognize thats what makes us special!

Never conform or mold into what the world tell you, live & tell  your truth in our designs.

Theres only one you, and thats your power, express yourself in our wearable art piece designs! Trust me Once on, you’ll instantaneously feel  bold, courages and daring in our bags, and exude distinctivly stylish. All bags are exclusive limited one of a kind  bags, theres power in the purse, they unleash a new found confidence in you. Make your mark, Reveal your story through  the art of creative design!


Our brand consist of  all & only vegan materials. We are huge on eco- friendliness which is why we do not support in any form animal cruelty, and make sure all bags are of highest vegan leather/fur quality.  


One of Our missions is to raise awareness in the negative  effects of fast fashion, and how it affects our planet! We intend to help minimize this problem by encouraging you to reduce fast fashion.We intend to provide a  sustainable  alternative  in our efforts to help reduce also  pollution, climate change, reduce plastic waste by offering our “NEW LIFE” service,  which features giving a second life to purses, or any type of textile!Thinking twice before buying or throwing away any old close or bags and having it be refashioned is a great way to help and also restore and renew to a new style.