Butterflies represent a beautiful truth.
Symbolized as a transformational spirit or soul, the exquisite and unique butterfly takes many changes in life.

A butterfly has to trust the process in order to become her final Beautiful self.
Like all woman, we go through life journey, along we always re-vamp or change ourselves Spiritually, mentally, and physically. We must also like the butterfly trust your journey, progress, and keep patient. Our Resurrection as a new, self made legendary woman, is finally complete!

Butterfly extravagant dreamy cotton print, detailed with a soft touch of sparkly glitter.
Purple Vegan Leather sets a calm powerful and ambitious mood
Bamboo Handles giving a different naturistic look .

Perfect for all year round, reversable to a beautiful dim yet bold purple, makes this peice a fun switch up in this 2 in 1 purse Option.

One of a Kind, like you!

by VixKytten