• Image of FLY Fanny Pack
  • Image of FLY Fanny Pack
  • Image of FLY Fanny Pack
  • Image of FLY Fanny Pack
  • Image of FLY Fanny Pack

The Fanny Pack is back!
One of summers staple purses, must have essentials, perfect for trips, festival season, fairs, adventerous night, a night of dancing, practically perfect for anywhere.

Inspired by Gucci, I created a distinct designer wear piece, so authentic it will have a Gucci Collector wondering, why they didn't get their hands on this great bag!?

Fly Fanny Pack, she screams high end couture, without breaking the bank. Quality soft buttery smooth caramel vegan leather compliments a signature red & green statement strap aplique in middle.

Stay golden in our Gold hardware, a gold zipper, features a chain adjustable strap, gives you versatality in style and indefinite fashion.

Wear it as a normal fanny, sylishly wrap around waist, extra chain can be left hanging out connected to clasp for a double chain belt style.
Or make even more of a fashionable style statement, as a crossbody.

Innerlined with a Shiny Black Satin, with authenticity label.

All purses are one of a kind, like you!