Elegant & Glamorous Donna isnt just a purse, definetely a masterpeice.
Beautiful Floral print, very distinctive, colors are perfect all seasons.
Detials include Individually Hand crafted Embelished rhinestone, sequin, beads, gems. .Black waved Velvet in back, soft to touch. Love French black tassel trim exudes a visual presence of vintage heaven.

Donna features a two in one style, that allows you to switch it up tastefully, a convinient & stylish crossbody with our signature chain silver strap, revamped with a sensual short soft faux fur velvet intertwined infusion.
Craftmenship and versetality give this two in one purse the finish of a timeless design
Removable & instantly get some additional arm candy with our must have evening clutch style wristlet.
Be a total fashionista, and wear the chain as an outfit accessory, waist belt, domt want to carry it in hands, attach it and wear it hanging.
Leave a an unforgettable lasting impression, always!

by VixKytten