California Dreaming Faith Inspired Jewelery Collection


A unique handpicked jewlery collection inspired by the Bold & Faith inspired Latina.

Every Mexicana/Latina has her essential signature jewlelry statement peices. Its part of our culture, they express her individualism, they embrace and symbolize her faith.
Faith is an essential part in a womans life, so why not wear it literally to remind us God, Virgen de Guadalupe, is with us everywhere we go!
Stylish Peices, that symbolize emotions expressed creatively!

Enjoy this Dreamy Handmade Jewlelry Collection, inspired by the angelina womans styl, faith and ambition.

Rosaries are beautiful statement peices, 2 unique VM different styles are avaialble, both come with a dangling Jesus Cross at end.
PLEASE SPECIFY item as Large Virgen Riddged (left) or Small Grooved Virgen (right) when ordering.

Gold Hoops creatively created 2 in 1 style with optional classic gold hoop, or a fashionable twist with hoop & pendants.
Remove pendants and add to any chains.

Ring is a diamond cut style, also simulated stacked rings with a cute little Virgen Mary Gold grooved coin Pendant.

A contemporary collection, you can wear all year long.

Important all Jewlery peices are priced the same.Specify when ordering wich item you want in Notes Box.

Jewlery is 14kt Gold Overlay, meaning it will not tarnish if cared for appropriately.
Heres how to care for your Jewlery peice.
To keep your Jewlery in its best condition, try not get wet. Also keep in bag or jewlery box to preserve its shine and condition.

Inspired by Faith, Made with lots of Love in the City of Angels