Butterfly Effect Tote Bag


This beautiful tote bag is very subtle yet bold in design.
A beautiful soft Vegan grey leather makes this purse an all year round purse, rich in quality and durability, grey tone sets a calm, neautral balanced mood.

Dramatic mustard yellow huge bow, is an accent to this peice, it adds a highlighted dramatic fun accessory. Benefits, it is versetile in style, you can wrap around handles as a tullie new fashion trend, or just dangling. Even wear it as a headband, or mini scarf!

The innerlining is full of color and made of dreams. Daydream everytime you go into your purse. Gorgeous bright yellow textile full of wonder, butterflies, flowers and uniqueness galore.

Bamboo Handles give a fashionably distinct look, new approach to a eco friendly way to carry your purse.

This bag is the perfect year round bag, it will add bold color, uniqueness and make a statement.
One of a kind like you!

by VixKytten