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  • Image of Amor Prohibido

Amor Prohibido is dedicated and in Honor to our King GOD.
There's always a time when us woman face a heartbreaking situation, realizing as time passes, the wounds heal. A very Important part of the healing process, is self realization, what we once thought we wanted, needed, we really didnt. Rejection is Protection.
This purse represents and symbolizes a bold spiritual, strong faithed God loving Woman.

Style is Bold & Courageous, you go through it, and grow through it!
A faux short fur Black Waved Velvet gives a soft sense to touch, but the black gives it a very dominant and looks very sophisticated.

Front Face:
Details are sparkly handbeaded Emebelished Rhinestones by hand.
Patches sewn (not heat pressed) for great durable quality,
Sacred Heart Patch Sewn, symbolizes devotion & renewing.
Cross Embelished Rhinestone handbeaded, sewn patch symbolizes faith!
Crown Patch Rhinestone Embellished, hand beaded, sewn patch symbolizes authority, king!

All purses are one of a kind, like you!

Black Glossy satin innerlined, pocket inside for organization, labeled with aunthenticity label.