Amor Prohibido


Amor Prohibido is dedicated and in Honor to our King GOD.
There's always a time when us woman face a heartbreaking situation, realizing as time passes, the wounds heal. A very Important part of the healing process, is self realization, what we once thought we wanted, needed, we really didnt. Now we know that we were so much better of. God had better Plans & saved us from that situation. So Greatfull and we must trust & have faith. This purse represents and symbolizes the replacement of Gods Love in our hearts! HE is the Truth, most truest love, and Saves! A bold spiritual statement purse, for any strong faithed God loving Woman.

Style is Bold & Courageous
A Black Waved Velvet gives a soft sense to touch, and looks very sophisticated and trendy. Details are handbeaded Emebelished Rhinestones by hand, each patch sewn (not heat pressed) for great quality,
Sacred Heart Patch gives a Bold Faitihful Statement, literallly expressed on your shoulders.
Cross Embelished Rhinestone handbeaded, sewn patch.
Crown Patch Rhinestone Embelished, handbeaded, sewn patch.
Black Glossy satin innerlined, pocket inside for organization.

by VixKytten