VixKytten Galore is an Exclusive handcrafted Brand  of essential Designs by designer / artist Paulina Chavez Vixxy_Kitty. Originated in 2009 in Redlands as Poise Boutique & Gallery, during 2012  revamped as VixKytten Galore. I was born and am from Mexico, Guadalajara, my family migrated to America when I was months old,  we believe in the American Dream and went for it. My passion for sewing began 9 years ago when I had my  Boutique .I saved up and purchased my first sewing machine, I was self taught, and I  sold my handbags in my store. Sewing for me has not only become a way of emotional release & therapeutic, but it moves me and is my passion, it has allowed me to start a business and make a living. As an Artist, I need to  feel Free. I was able to be myself, and feel comfortable in my own skin.  All of my creativity and inspirations derive from God, Nature, and  people I admire, the result of all my life experiences, discoveries & human connections, has  transformed & now reflects in my now eccentric, bold statement making transcendent designs. I brought them life!Knowing I can make something useful and extra-ordinary is an exhilarating rush and great feeling of "I can do Anything! ". And to know I provide people to embrace their individuality,it keeps me motivated and inspired.  We are all created special and unique.  My purses are wearable art peices, a form of self- expression, they are meant to be worn by Women of Faith & Will Power, Confidence, and Strength. Woman who love to embrace their femininity, and are happy & love themselves, because they have prevailed through the hard times, and still came out Triumphant. Another big part of my business is interacting with beautiful souls, I love to meet people, and I travel to different cities, and participate in Handmade markets and sell my designs. All the people I meet at events have a huge impact on me! My goal is that through my brand I  empower and inspire, and influence people of all ages, with my story & views on making your dreams come true  and to never give up, NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE  & Where you come from! IT DOESNT MATTER!. VixKytten Galore is Founded on Faith and the Truth! God! Life brings its obstacles and heartbreaks, and through God & sewing  I found refuge and a calmness, I was able to  reflect and process my unmanageable indescribable and many unspoken emotions & thoughts.   .  From all shopping for textiles, the cut and measuring, sewing, editing, packaging, marketing, product developing, online web design, orders,it is all done from my home what I  call Kytten Cave.   I believe my Brand has progressed and keeps growing due to my passion and the drive behind it, and the meaning behind it. My ultimate GOAL is that every collector falls in love with their product and it reveals empowerment  within them!. I devoted myself to  focus my complete energy in what I consider to be my GOD given talent, because I feel it is my calling to show each and every individual how beautifully YOU-nique they are and so very special. I love to see how my collectors feel a new found confidence when they wear VG. I value Customer Service, and here it is Principle. Three fundamentals you'll receive by collecting my designs is, Handmade Quality, Style, & Service. Exceptionally Guaranteed! Have fun looking around the shop and enjoy the bold, trendy, authentic styles and collections, we offer, in all variations of  creativity I have put together for the strong Los Angeles everyday woman. I am an Immigrant, and as my brand grows, I am looking to team up with Immigration  Organizations that help Undocumented kids & adults in L.A. area who would like to learn and create a business of their own with their creative skill. My plan is to create a platform that gives back to those kids, and providing tools and utensils that will allow  individuals to gain encouragement and support in making their dreams reality as well. If there is one thing I have learned in this Journey is that you can't always get a job, based on your status, but God says all things are possible through him! So weather you're hired at a Job or not, regardless you always have a second plan to back you up, that can be the opportunity to have you become your own Boss!